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DVD Operations

I'll start the documentation with the most obscure feature of WBFSSync, the DVD. WBFSSync has the ability to process Backup Discs inserted in the DVD drive and copy the content to an ISO, Scrub or directly to a WBFS Partition. But if you try to open the DVD you will receive a "Device not ready" error, that happens because discs are not mounted in WBFSSync to retain the file data.

To copy a DVD to a folder you have to use a small icon that appears at the right side of the DVD in the Links panel:

DVD Icon

This button will copy the DVD Content to the current folder, remember that some folders cannot accept paste operations (ie: My Computer and Covers).
By default DVDs are copied to ISOs in non-WBFS Partitions, if you want to scrub them you must enable the Scrubbed copy feature (not documented yet)

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