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Project Description
WBFSSync is a program to organize, edit and synchronize Wii Game Backups on both PC and WBFS formatted storage devices. Using a clean and Explorer-like interface

More about WBFSSync

The WBFSSync is a Free, Open-Source project created by me for learning purposes and because programming is a personal hobby, it's on the early stages of development so a few bugs may appear.
Fell free to use any part of the code on your applications, following the Microsoft Reciprocal License (see licence tab for the full license).

A little break
Due to some personal reasons i am pausing (or at least slowin down) WBFSSync Project for something about 2~3 months, which means i will release all the changes at once in 2.0.09... should i say... 3.00 ;)

Current version
2.0.08 beta


.NET Framework 3.5



Known bugs:
  • There are a few layout glitches to fix

WBFSSync Features for current release:
  • Explorer-like interface
  • Customizable Skin and Language development
  • Allow Copy / Cut / Paste / Delete files
  • Allow Direct WBFS-WBFS transfer
  • Game organizer for Wii Backups on PC
  • Rename discs
  • Manage multiple WBFS drives
  • Automatically download covers or 3D covers from the internet
  • Export covers to SD using customizable schemes for each Loader Homebrew installed on Wii
  • RIP Backups to PC or WBFS drive from DVD (does not work with original discs)
  • Allow disc scrubbing
  • Support for Hermes' cISO format (via Console)
  • Allow multiple file operations running at the same time
  • Automatically detects new inserted drives and supress "Format Drive" window from Windows Explorer
  • Format drives to WBFS
  • Log all errors and exceptions allowing better bug-trace
  • WBFS Library fully implemented in C# .NET Framework facilitating debug, and reducing the risk of memory leaks
  • Avaliable Languages:
    • PT-BR
    • EN-US
    • FR (thanks to GBATemp's redia)
    • ES (thanks to GBATemp's PabloACZ)

To Do:
  • Implement metadata system on WBFS structure NEW
  • Add support to RAR files
  • Implement more scrubbing formats
  • Fix some layout glitches
  • Improve stability and logging



-Added Export covers to folder function

-Added Naming of Network-Mapped Drives

-Added Spanish language

-Changed Configuration menu to something more organized

-Fixed some typos in the Language files

-Fixed layout problem where "This folder is empty" message was over the configuration menu

-Fixed more minor layout problems...

-Fixed 'send to...' crashing when used with multiple files

-Fixed bug where Configuration Panel was forced to close when an operation ended

-Fixed error in Drive Format where the resultant size was smaller than it could be

-Fixed problem where the repeated Scrub files were not skipped when adding to a WBFS partition

-Update the Language files, see "Language-pack-base 2.0.08.txt"
*added language variable 177


-Added support to Hermes cISO format (WBI must be renamed) via Console only for recompression to SyncScrub and Extraction

-Added "Enter" key support when navigating in the explorer window

-Improved Error logging with native windows messages for native errors

-Improved Error loggin on WiiDisc class, avoiding application crash if the ISO is corrupted

-Changed the Cover Download Server to

-Changed maximum characters of name to 64

-Updated SyncScrub to 1.1, the 1.0 is still compatible, if the user wants he can enable auto Update to new scrub version.

-Fixed bug renaming SyncScrubs and ISOS on PC

-Fixed format error in SyncScrub 1.0 Renaming routines


-Added configuration for that allow disabling drives, A and B drives disabled by default, can be changed

-Added verification before loading the cover folder

-Removed Dev commands from the console

-Changed the layout for the "listgames" command in console

-Changed the display of the sizes to 2 decimal places

-Fixed the problem editing the loaders

-Fixed layout problem with cover mode, where the user could change the viewmode, now it's locked

-Fixed problem where the application crashed if an invalid Skin was selected, now the app will load the default

-Fixed problem detecting another instance of WBFSSync

-Update the Language files, see "Language-pack-base 2.0.06.txt"
*added language variable 170
*added language variable 171


-Fixed several bugs on Console application

-All codes will be upper-cased to recode (rename) a game


-Fixed bug where the program sometimes crash when pasting

-DevConsole.exe renamed to Console.exe

-Added partition selection for Iso Scrubber, can only be accessed from the configuration file

-Added configuration parameter for the Windows Format Drive Pop-Up

-Added configuration parameter for exclude drives from the program

-Added command lines in Console.exe for WBFS and Scrub related functions

-Added French language to pack


-Fixed bug when trying to add a disc from PC to Scrub or WBFS caused by a IIOContext not being Closed

-Fixed (at least i hope) bug where the first sector of the FS was overwritten when adding a disc, corrupting the partition

-Minor bug fixes

-Added updater using CodePlex SVN to host individual update files


-Full change on OperationManager, the original was confused and not ready for async

-Added a routine to WBFSDevice to calculate the exact size of a disc to be added to the wbfs partition

-Added a routine to ScrubDisc to calculate the exact size of a scrub of an iso

-Added US English language

-Fixed some disc routines in WBFSDevice


-Fixed a few bugs on Language routines

-Fixed bug formating devices

-Fixed discontinuity on values of enum WBFSRet

-Fixed "Division by Zero" Error

-Fixed PathBox not resizing with the window

-Removed GenerateConfigurationFile() from Skin code

-Updated configuration panel to include "Extract Scrubbed" feature
*added language variable 168, see "Language-pack-base 2.0.01.txt"

-Added WBFSDevice, ScrubDisc and IOManager Errors to the language pack, see "Language-pack-base 2.0.01.txt"

-Still-primitive-update-check-tag now moved to main project page, the old server does not exists anymore.

-Changed configuration to allow setting paths for Covers, Skins and Language (created for debug purposes, it does not have a entry on ConfigurationPanel)


Original alpha release


Donate via PayPal

While I enjoy working on this project, sometimes I lack resources to improve the program, like a HD with capacity close to those used normally by you, in the present time i only have a small 2GB pendrive and a 16GB virtual drive

PT Uma página em português com o mesmo conteúdo e aberta a discussão sobre o programa está disponível no site:

EN A discussion page in english about the program is available at:

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